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Ludwig van Beethoven

Classical Period
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Unlike Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven was not considered to be a child prodigy. He was twenty-two years old when he first began to make an impression on the Viennese public as a virtuoso pianist. After the age of thirty, Beethoven became progressively deaf and was no longer able to perform. Beethoven's music seemed to reflect his personality -- chaotic and powerful. His chief works include numerous piano sonatas, string quartets, an opera, a mass, as well as nine symphonies.  Symphony No. 5 is probably his most famous work.

Sample Works:

MIDI Example "Moonlight Sonata"
MIDI Example Symphony No. 5, 1st mvmt
MIDI Example "Fur Elise"

Music by Beethoven


Piano Sonata #14 in C# minor "Moonlight Sonata" MIDI sequence by Bunji Hisamori
   from Classical MIDI Connection
Fifth Symphony, 1st mvmt, MIDI sequence by R. Sierra
   from Classical MIDI Connection
"Fur Elise" MIDI sequencer unknown

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