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Hector Berlioz

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Hector Berlioz Berlioz was a French composer. Berlioz had a son, two sisters, two wives and many friends. He had lots of people close to him die. Berlioz was a very good friend to everybody. As a musician he went to Italy, Germany, and France.

Hector Berlioz was born in La Cate-St-Andre, Isere in 1803. Berlioz died on March 8th 1869 in Paris. Berlioz died possibly because he was heart broken about the failure of his opera Les Troyens.

His father wanted him to follow a medical career. Berlioz learned some of his music by himself. As a boy Berlioz learned the flute and guitar from books alone. When he was 12 he was producing compositions for the local assemblies, some of them based on the extraordinary kind of melody that was his native gift. Beethoven influenced him to write music. Berlioz was admired as a critic and for writing different music. Berlioz worked for the Paris Conservatory. Berlioz was an undisciplined young man.

Berlioz wrote operas, symphonies and other large works. Some of Berlioz' most famous pieces are Symphonie Fantastique, Harold in Italy, Romeo and Juliet, and Evenings with the Orchestra. We listened to Le Carnival Romaine, Benvenuto Cellini, and Waverley. Our favorite was Le Carnival Romaine because it went loud then soft then loud.

By: Sasha H. and Rachel H.

Music by Berlioz


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