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Arcangelo Corelli

Baroque Period
Arcangelo Corelli Corelli traveled around Germany as a young man; he also traveled to Rome. He served as a chamber music player for Queen Cristina of Sweden when she was living in Rome.

Corelli was a Baroque composer. He was born in Fusignano, Italy on February 17, 1653. Corelli died in Rome on January 8, 1713 at the age of 53. Corelli died of old age.

After some study with a local clergyman, he was sent to study first to nearby towns of Lugn and Faenza, then finally, in 1666 to Bologna. Corelli was born into a family of landowners and poets. His family was a family without musical precedents. Corelli's natural talent for music became apparent at an early age. Lenardo Brugnoli and Benvenuti Carinal Panfili influenced Corelli in his development.

Corelli wrote Trio Sonatas (sonate da chiesa and sonate da camera) and also concerto grossos. One of his most famous pieces is Concerto Grosso in D (Op.6, No.6). We listened to Adagio, Allegro and Vivace from Concerto Grosso in D. We liked Adagio because it was exciting and cool.

By Stacey F. and Meagan Y. (Grade 4)

Music by Corelli


Classical Net (http://www.classical.net/music/comp.lst/corelli.html)

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