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Clara Wieck Schumann

Romantic Period
Clara Wieck Schumann Clara Wieck Schumann was a famous musician. She worked as a teacher in the Conservato Dresden in 1844 in Duesseldorf until 1850. She made thirty-eight concert tours outside of Germany. In her family she had 4 daughters, Eugenie, Elisa, Julie, Marie and she also had 4 sons, Ludwig, Emil, Felix, and Fertinand. Robert, her husband,unsuccessfully asked Clara for her hand in marriage on her 18th birthday. Clara married Robert Schumann in village church of Schoenefeld, September 12th, 1841.

Clara was born September 13th, 1819 in Leipzig, Germany. Clara was from the Romantic period. She died May 20th, 1896, in Frankfurt. She died from old age.

Her biggest influence was her father, who was a music teacher. She also leaned piano from her father. Clara had 4 brothers Adelheid, Victor, Alwin, and Gustav. She also had a half sister Marie.

She was nine years old when she had her first public performance at Gewandhaus on October 20 1828. She performed extensively and studied piano, violin, instrumental counterpoint and composition. She also wrote and published several pieces: many lieder, including Walzer; Piano Trio in G minor; some partsongs, including Vorwaerts from Drei gemischte Choere; and for piano Rondo in B minor and Toccatina from Soirees musicales, Op. 6.

By Erin B. and Jill L. (Grade 5)

Music by Clara Schumann


Clara '96 (http://www.uah.edu/clara/schumann.html)

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