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Philip Glass

20th Century
Philip Glass Philip Glass was born in Baltimore on January 31, 1937. Philip Glass' father had a radio repair shop and that is where Philip Glass discovered music. Ben Glass was Philip Glass' father.

Philip Glass played the violin at six years old and the flute at eight years old. When Philip Glass was ten years old he began performing. By the time Glass was 15 years old, he had become frustrated with the limited flute repertoire as well as with musical life in post-war Baltimore.

As an adult, he mastered the piano and began composing using his own distinct style. When he performs on the piano he has a special talent at creating an unplanned relationship between performer and public.

Philip Glass graduated from the University of Chicago, at 19 years old. He was determined to become a composer and moved to New York. He is most famous for his piano playing along with his ability to compose. His favorite was composing for the theatre.

Philip Glass worked as a plumber, drove a cab at night, and spent his spare time assembling his beginning version of the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Philip glass is still alive to this day. Philip Glass is only sixty-three years old.

By Raynita L. and Kelsey D. (Grade 5)

Music by Glass

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