History of Classical Music

Arnold Schoenberg

20th Century
Arnold Schoenberg Arnold Schoenberg started playing music when he was eight and almost immediately started composing. Schoenberg went to Berlin in 1901-03 to teach. He traveled back to Vienna and later moved back to Berlin. He also went to Paris in 1910, and later that same year he moved to the United States of America and settled in Los Angeles. Schoenberg married his teacher Zemlinsky's sister in the year 1910.

Schoenberg was from the 20th century. He was born on September 13, 1824 and died on July 13 1951. He was born in Vienna and died in Los Angeles.

Schoenberg learned his music from his teacher Zemlinsky. Brahms, Wagner, and Wolf influenced Schoenberg. His teacher introduced him to these composers.

When he was in Berlin, he taught Berg and Webern. Schoenberg was best known for his teaching at UCLA in California. Schoenberg worked most of his life as a teacher and as a composer at UCLA from 1936.

By Kyiel N. and Jim F.

Music by Schoenberg

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