History of Classical Music

Franz Schubert

Romantic Period
Ludwig van Beethoven Schubert greatly admired the work of Beethoven. He was the son of a schoolmaster. He made no travels that we know of.

He was born in Vienna, January 31, 1797 and died of failing health at the age of 31 in Vienna, November 19, 1828.

He learned music by studying the piano, violin, organ, singing, and harmony. He showed an extraordinary childhood aptitude for music. Salieri influenced his development [and was one of his teachers]. By the age of seventeen he had written piano pieces, instrumental pieces, and inventive piano sonatas. He taught in his father's school and he was a songwriter.

He wrote nine symphonies and wrote 950 works. Some famous pieces are Symphony No. 9, and Die Forelle. Some pieces we listened to were Symphony No. 1, Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No.9. Our favorite was Symphony No. 9 because it was very powerful, and relaxing in parts with a variety of instruments.

By Ashley L. and Marissa B. (Grade 5)

Music by Schubert

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