History of Classical Music

Igor Stravinsky

20th Century
Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky began to compose without the aid of formal instruction. Stravinsky gained his interest in music because his dad was an opera singer. Stravinsky traveled to Paris and Russia to compose his music.

Igor Stravinsky was from the Twentieth Century. He was born June 17th 1882 in Oranienbaum near St. Petersburg, Russia. He died April 6,1971 in New York. We are not sure how he died but we think he died of old age.

Igor Stravinsky received lessons from Rimsky Korsakov. He grew up in a musical environment. Stravinsky was famous for writing music.

Igor Stravinsky wrote three symphonies and also wrote some Neoclassical music. He wrote the Firebird Suite, The Rite of Spring, and The Symphony of Psalms. We listened to all three symphonies. Our favorite was the Rite of Spring because we found it very interesting.

By Curtis M. and Leo C. (Grade 5)

Music by Stravinsky


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