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Antonio Vivaldi

Baroque Period
Antonio Vivaldi Although Antonio Vivaldi is well known for his instrumental music, he was also very much engaged with vocal music. His earliest known opera was given in Vicenza in 1713. His father was a professional violinist who played at St. Marks. Vivaldi often traveled to Prague, Vienna, and Amsterdam to conduct his works as well as to oversee the printing of his scores.

He was born on March 4th, 1678 in Venice, Italy and died on July 28th, 1741 in Venice, Italy. He was from the Baroque period.

Antonio Vivaldi learned his music from his father because his dad was a professional violinist. Vivaldi was trained for the priesthood and ordained in 1703 but soon after his ordination ceased to perform mass. He claimed this was because of his unsure health (he is known to have suffered from chest complaints, possibly asthma or angina).

Vivaldi influenced many other composers and many other German composers imitated his style. Although he mainly wrote concertos Vivaldi also composed operas, cantatas, oratorios, concerto grossos, and solo and trio sonatas. Three of his most famous pieces are the Four Seasons, The Hunt, and the Storm at Sea.

We listened to the Summer, Autumn, and Winter Concertos and Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G minor. We liked the Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G minor because it was exciting and it was like nothing we had ever heard before.

By Mark B. and Ben S.

Music by Vivaldi


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