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HyperMusic - History has undergone many changes since its original creation in 1994. Following is a description of the various incarnations of this site.

HyperMusic - History 1.0

Designed and created by Tim Brehaut, Jennifer Mann, and Alan Makarchuk for a "Computers in Education" course at the University of Calgary in 1994, version 1.0 was written in Hypercard for Mac. The entire Hypercard stack, including sounds fit on one 3.5" disk, with the pictures on two more disks.

HyperMusic - History 2.0

A first attempt at porting HM-History to the PC. Version 2.0 (never completed) was in MS-Powerpoint format, but due to time restrictions, and the relative inflexibility of PowerPoint, version 2.0 was abandoned.

HyperMusic - History 3.0

  (1999-2000) view sample
Tim Brehaut's first attempt at a webpage (featuring frames and bloated code, produced mainly by MS-Publisher). Most of the content of the original was preserved with new features added (glossary, composer list, links, etc.).

HyperMusic - History 4.0

  (2000) view sample
After reaching 1000 visitors in its first three months, HM-History was completely redesigned, making much better use of style sheets and more streamlined HTML programming.

HyperMusic - History 4.1

After 3000 visitors: Logo change, and some feature changes (removed Guestbook, Mailing List, and "Recommend-a-site" because of lack of use, added Sheetmusic.com).

HyperMusic - History 4.2

After almost a year of neglect and two complete losses of data and functionality from Crosswinds: removal of most commercial banners, ads, and store links (never commercially viable); move to new web host.

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