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The recorder is usually made of wood or plastic. It is made in five different sizes. The smallest is a descant or sopranino recorder. The soprano or treble recorder is the recorder most used in schools. There are also alto, tenor and bass recorders. These five recorders can play five-part music. A group of recorders is called a consort. The recorder is not generally used with other instruments because it is too soft to be heard. Although many think that recorder is just an instrument to play in school, learning the recorder as a serious instrument can also be rewarding.

All recorders have eight holes. The left hand covers the thumbhole at the back of the recorder and the first three holes. The right hand covers the four holes at the bottom of the recorder. Sound is made by blowing softly into the recorder mouthpiece. It is very easy to overblow the recorder and make an ugly sound. Blowing softly and steadily produces the best sound.


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The recorder is a very old instrument. The recorder was popular during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Many famous composers, including Bach and Handel, wrote music for the recorder.

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