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Wood Blocks (LP Music) The woodblock is a hollow block of wood that is hit with a wooden stick or mallet. Woodblocks can come in sets (templeblocks), with blocks of different sizes to give higher and lower pitches.

How to play the woodblock: Hold the bottom of the woodblock with one hand. Do not squeeze the wood block too tightly. In your other hand, hold a drum stick or hard rubber mallet. Use the same grip you use when playing mallet percussion instruments. Strike the block in the center of the top part. Use a quick down-up wrist motion. When playing fast wood block parts, place the wood block on a soft flat surface, and use two mallets or sticks.

How to play the temple blocks: Setup the instrument with the largest blocks to your left and the smallest to your right. Adjust the stand so that the blocks are waist high. Hold a rubber mallet in each hand using your normal grip. Strike the blocks on the top center of each block, using the same down-up motion you use when playing wood block or mallet percussion instruments.

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